by Dave Agee


Hey drum fiends,

I’ll be assembling weekly Spotify playlists for the drummers (and friends of drummers!) who are looking for some material-specific direction in their practice.  Feel free to use these tracks to supplement your own practice goals – here are things to look for in each track…

1. Meet De Boys On De Battlefront – The Wild Tchoupitoulas

Feel Feel Feel.  Lines up perfectly for an open-hand, hi-hat centric groove.  Focus lots on where to place accents and shape the hi-hat!

2. Love Your Life – Average White Band

Funky.  Option #1.  Play the drum part (groove) as close to the recording as you can; glean some ideas from the bass drum and how it connects with the bass guitar.  All up-beat 16ths will NOT line up with your R-hand on the hi-hat.  Option #2. Play constant fills throughout while locked in with the groove of the tune – try not to repeat yourself.

3. Give Up The Ghost – Radiohead

There are no drums on this track.  If there were, what would it sound like to you?  Try to incorporate bass drum on the “a’s” of 2 and 4.

4. Bodys – Car Seat Headrest

A banger.  The verse groove is what I’m most keen on.  The basis of the groove is pretty simplistic – but what about that rack tom hit on the “+ of 4”?  Will that idea lead to other ideas for you?

We’ll chat more about these tunes and break them down during the Drum Q+A hang on Wednesdays!  See you then.
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