Personalized Approach to Bass, Songwriting, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocal Lessons. Now available from the comfort of your home. Book your virtual lesson today!

Music unites. And we’re working to unite Chicago’s recreational musicians by building a unique, perpetual musical experience that takes music instruction to a whole new level. We’re located in a newly renovated building in Chicago’s West Loop – it’s a great place to plug in and crank it up. A place to share a drink and our collective passion. A place to do what we always want to do. Rock.

We give you more than just musical instruction.

We work with you to define your own musical journey based upon your personal goals. Your musical tastes. Your aspirations. After all, music is an expression of your individuality.

The ability to make music is a gift that’s inside all of us, regardless of experience or skill level. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar or a drumstick, or if you only sang in the shower, we guarantee you can begin making music after one lesson, and be ready to gig with our house band or other members within weeks. We’ve seen it over and over in our years of teaching.

We’ll take a personalized approach with you, and our staff will be available to answer your questions any time.


Best thing about this place? You don’t need to be a pro. One of the many reasons why I decided to join Altered Stage is the feeling you get when you first walk in: I’m a Rockstar!

The instructors here are so friendly, so patient and knowledgeable. I had never played an instrument before but with their personalized instruction, I learned to play Green Day’s “Brain Stew” on bass, in less than an hour. It just proves these guys’ talent and commitment to turning me into a rock star. Here I am, 3 months later, playing at my first live gig. I am beyond happy I found this hidden gem and joined their club!

– Cristina F.

For the more advanced music students, we will help you hone your technique and expand your understanding of music.

We will encourage you to write and record music, and even help you publish it through our record label, Altered Records.

We can connect you with other Altered Stage members for jam sessions, and even jam alongside you.

So regardless of your level of experience, we’ll help make music part of your everyday life. The way you want, on your schedule.

See if our unique vibe is right for you!