Musical Matchmaking

Make friends. Meet like-minded people who share the same passion.

With so much of our lives spent working, it’s easy to forget to interact with others – whether it be through social events, hobbies, or other activities that truly enrich our lives. At Altered Stage, we connect people who share a passion for music.

Click here to have a peek of what’s scheduled right now from open jam sessions to live gigs. And have a look below for some of the regular, cool things we do with our community.

Musical Matchmaking

A vibrant community of like-minded professionals who share a passion for music is what differentiates us from traditional guitar, bass, voice or drum lessons.

Through one-on-one introductions, periodic mixers, member socials (karaoke nights, movie nights, member appreciation days, happy hour events, holiday parties) and social media networking, we will encourage interaction between members and will help to arrange ongoing jam sessions for all interested members.

Playing alongside others helps you grow musically. Sharing the experience is what makes it fun.


Before I became a member of Altered Stage, I checked them out at one of their shows and I couldn’t believe what was happening on stage. Students, of all levels and ages, playing with professional musicians, multiple songs, great venue like a real gig… and they totally rocked! What a fun opportunity!

I signed up right away. My initial goal with lessons was to be able to sit at a kit, listen to a song and just play along, or jam with other musicians by ear. I’m definitely headed there with his teaching and encouragement, I’ve gained a ton more confidence as a drummer…Altered Stage also has an incredible space for lessons, jams and just hanging out with the crew…kick back with a beer and tunes or rock out in a soundproof room. It’s pretty awesome.

By joining AS, I’ve become a member of a community of great people. Not knowing anyone when I moved to this city 8 months ago, I feel really fortunate to have found them. I’ve made friends here and I look forward to many jams with them!

– Sav P.

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