Corporate Rockers

Corporate Memberships

If you have a full staff of rock stars already that are looking for a creative outlet you can can give it to them by becoming a corporate member. This provides any number of employees access to the space, lessons, jams, gigs and everything a regular membership offers, but at a group discount. Rates are prorated depending on how many people on your team want to be a part of our community.

Becoming a corporate member is the best way of showing your love to your staff and also creating an environment for building stronger relationships within the workplace. Most likely the more staff members you have that participate the better chance you can get them to play at the next company holiday party.

Corporate Rockers Unite!


Joining Altered Stage is one of the best things we’ve done for our employees. We’ve had so much fun jamming together and playing live shows. I know it has brought us closer together as a team.

– Kris Helenek, CTO and Co-Founder of Rocket Miles

Corporate executives work toward goals every day. We bring that approach to music instruction by working with you to define your own musical journey based upon the goals you set. Your musical tastes. Your aspirations. After all, music is an expression of your individuality.

Forget about scavenger hunts, meal-making and paintball. We offer the ultimate team-building experience. From single-day sessions to a three-month program, we provide an entirely new take on team-building by teaching a group of colleagues how to play a song, even if no one has ever played an instrument before.

We apply business networking concepts to which you’re already accustomed to building a dynamic community of recreational musicians. A network of like-minded business professionals with a passion for music help ensure there’s always a jam to be had.

Business professionals perform every day at work. We give you the opportunity to break free and express yourself on stage. And we can provide that rock & roll experience just weeks or days after your first lesson. Our members have done it. We arrange the gigs and get you ready. You show up and play. Just like a true rock star.

We several membership plans for our corporate members. Contact Jeff Bergau at jeff.bergau@alteredstage.com or 312-953-ROCK (7625) today.

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