Corporate Rockers

Corporate Memberships

If you have a full staff of rock stars already that are looking for a creative outlet you can can give it to them by becoming a corporate member. This provides any number of employees access to the space, lessons, jams, gigs and everything a regular membership offers, but at a group discount. Rates are prorated depending on how many people on your team want to be a part of our community.

Becoming a corporate member is the best way of showing your love to your staff and also creating an environment for building stronger relationships within the workplace. Most likely the more staff members you have that participate the better chance you can get them to play at the next company holiday party.

Corporate Rockers Unite!


Joining Altered Stage is one of the best things we’ve done for our employees. We’ve had so much fun jamming together and playing live shows. I know it has brought us closer together as a team.

– Kris Helenek, CTO and Co-Founder of Rocket Miles

Corporate executives work toward goals every day. We bring that approach to music instruction by working with you to define your own musical journey based upon the goals you set. Your musical tastes. Your aspirations. After all, music is an expression of your individuality.

Forget about scavenger hunts, meal-making and paintball. We offer the ultimate team-building experience. From single-day sessions to a three-month program, we provide an entirely new take on team-building by teaching a group of colleagues how to play a song, even if no one has ever played an instrument before.

We apply business networking concepts to which you’re already accustomed to building a dynamic community of recreational musicians. A network of like-minded business professionals with a passion for music help ensure there’s always a jam to be had.

Business professionals perform every day at work. We give you the opportunity to break free and express yourself on stage. And we can provide that rock & roll experience just weeks or days after your first lesson. Our members have done it. We arrange the gigs and get you ready. You show up and play. Just like a true rock star.

We have several membership plans for our corporation members. For more information, please contact Chris Medici at chris.medici@alteredstage.com or 312-953-ROCK (7625) today.

Corporate House Calls

Corporate House Calls

Want to give your employees a fun and interactive break? Let us come to you. We can be mobile and have an Altered Stage instructor teach music to your employees in your office. We’ll bring a portable teaching studio and set up in an office or conference room so employees can schedule a private lesson during their work day. Guitars are included and noise levels are contained to maintain peace in the office. In-house instruction can get your employees immersed in their own creative minds and give them a welcome break during their work day. And true to our core beliefs, we will work with your employees to set and achieve musical goals that are important to them, such as learning a song, playing live, or writing music. Regardless of your employees’ specific goals, the effect on employee wellness is measurable.

In addition to in-house lessons, our instructors can give group presentations on a variety of musical subjects. Did you ever wonder how the guitar works or why Van Halen always requested a bowl of M&M’s in their dressing room with the brown ones removed? Our engaging and informative presentations are a great add-on for the enjoyment and growth of your employees.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

In response to feedback from our member base, we’ve created corporate membership programs that include all the same benefits as our individual memberships, but with sliding-scale pricing for companies that want to offer memberships as a unique employee benefit. Becoming a corporate member is a unique way an organization can promote corporate wellness within their employee base and create an environment for building stronger workplace relationships. Altered Stage discounts membership fees for organizations based upon the number of employees who participate in the program.

Why use music as a source of corporate wellness programming?

According to Forbes, “disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year…high-stress levels manifested in poor physical health (fatigue, aches and pains, weight gain) and compromised mental health (depression, anxiety, anger)”. According to a study from Harvard and Stanford, “it was found that health problems stemming from job stress, like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and decreased mental health, can lead to fatal conditions that wind up killing about 120,000 people each year—making work-related stressors and the maladies they cause, more deadly than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or influenza”. It is in a company’s best interest to support the wellbeing and work-life-balance of their employees, not only physically but mentally as well.

Altered Stage is an innovative, holistic solution to workplace stress management that enhances productivity through fostering creativity and team building within employees. Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument at any age is proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol while enhancing both memory capacity and spatial reasoning. It requires both sides of the brain to master an instrument, which consequently stimulates memory, time-management, confidence levels and many other skills important to the workplace. We at Altered Stage strive to provide a valuable educational experience disguised as a fun and immersive rock n’ roll adventure to help busy professionals explore the music lifestyle.

We look forward to providing you with a more personalized example of what a collaboration with Altered Stage would look like. 

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Forget the cliché Whirlyball or treasure hunts. Offer your employees the ultimate corporate team building experience: rocking out. In business, a company cannot be effective without a coordinated effort from all functions. There are few better analogs to that reality than playing music in a band. To make this connection, Altered Stage has created individualized corporate team building programs that range from single-day sessions to a three-month program — an entirely new take on team building by teaching a group of colleagues to accomplish musical goals – from learning to play a song to writing and recording original music, even if no one on the team has ever played an instrument. It’s a program designed to get executives out of their comfort zone and truly work together to accomplish a tangible musical goal. It’s also a great way to have employees provide entertainment at company holiday parties.

A group outing at Altered Stage includes private instruction on all instruments in addition to a group jam session where the group can play their first, and hopefully not last, song together. Music unites and it’s a great way to build strong employee/management.

With a directed team building experience your team will undergo a transformation through music. Customizable activities include drum circles, private and group lessons, songwriting sessions, jam sessions, live performances, recording and publishing through our Altered Records label, and so much more. From the very start your team picks a song or group of songs they would like to learn together. This can also be an original tune that the group composes to represent the group, their work, or the company. This one step alone requires all participants to communicate their musical preferences and styles while also considering the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of their co-workers. For the actual performance of the song, the individuals are accountable for learning their parts and coming together as a group to practice. Performing a song in a group setting requires a great deal of attention, listening, and working together as a team. We also can work with your team to write, record, and publish songs digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc.), and/or on vinyl or CD.

Our team building experience can be done in one day or over the course of several months. For an extended version, the individual team members can either come to Altered Stage or we can do in-office instruction for weekly lessons. We will host weekly rehearsals at our studio, enabling teams to work together to prepare for their performance. At the end of the specified period the team will play a song or set of songs learned and/or written by the group. With our flexible and customized programs, let us help you unleash your teams’ inner rock star.

See if our unique vibe is right for you!