Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Forget the cliché Whirlyball or treasure hunts. Offer your employees the ultimate corporate team building experience: rocking out. In business, a company cannot be effective without a coordinated effort from all functions. There are few better analogs to that reality than playing music in a band. To make this connection, Altered Stage has created individualized corporate team building programs that range from single-day sessions to a three-month program — an entirely new take on team building by teaching a group of colleagues to accomplish musical goals – from learning to play a song to writing and recording original music, even if no one on the team has ever played an instrument. It’s a program designed to get executives out of their comfort zone and truly work together to accomplish a tangible musical goal. It’s also a great way to have employees provide entertainment at company holiday parties.

A group outing at Altered Stage includes private instruction on all instruments in addition to a group jam session where the group can play their first, and hopefully not last, song together. Music unites and it’s a great way to build strong employee/management.

With a directed team building experience your team will undergo a transformation through music. Customizable activities include drum circles, private and group lessons, songwriting sessions, jam sessions, live performances, recording and publishing through our Altered Records label, and so much more. From the very start your team picks a song or group of songs they would like to learn together. This can also be an original tune that the group composes to represent the group, their work, or the company. This one step alone requires all participants to communicate their musical preferences and styles while also considering the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of their co-workers. For the actual performance of the song, the individuals are accountable for learning their parts and coming together as a group to practice. Performing a song in a group setting requires a great deal of attention, listening, and working together as a team. We also can work with your team to write, record, and publish songs digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc.), and/or on vinyl or CD.

Our team building experience can be done in one day or over the course of several months. For an extended version, the individual team members can either come to Altered Stage or we can do in-office instruction for weekly lessons. We will host weekly rehearsals at our studio, enabling teams to work together to prepare for their performance. At the end of the specified period the team will play a song or set of songs learned and/or written by the group. With our flexible and customized programs, let us help you unleash your teams’ inner rock star.


Joining Altered Stage is one of the best things we’ve done for our employees. We’ve had so much fun jamming together and playing live shows. I know it has brought us closer together as a team.

– Kris Helenek, CTO and Co-Founder of Rocket Miles

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