Our Members

We are Altered Stage. Located at 657 W. Lake Street, Altered Stage is a private club for recreational musicians of all skill levels – from absolute beginner to advanced players – each one lives music daily while achieving their unique musical goals.

By day, our members are video game designers, commodity traders, insurance executives, financial and tech wizards, consultants, and business owners, among other things. Yet, in their spare time, they are rock stars – jamming with one another on the songs they love.

Altered Stage offers guitar, drum, bass, voice, and keyboard lessons to adults; yet, Altered Stage is more than just music lessons. It’s a journey tailored to each member’s musical aspirations. It’s a dynamic community of people who love music and want to learn and play with others.

Inside the lounge

Here are some of the members that make Altered Stage the best place to rock in Chicago!

Chris Medici

This is Chris, who’s an amazing Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist, and he’s also among the nicest and most encouraging people you’ll ever meet. This is his story.

Jennifer Dama

Do you want to learn to play music but think it’s too late to start or don’t know how to start? Playing music is not about how old you are when you start out. It’s about passion, creativity and having fun. We are always inspired by the passion and motivation of our members. Here’s a story about Jennifer, one of our members, and her musical journey with Altered Stage.

Patrick Dwyer

During the day, Patrick is a Video Game Designer and creates unique gameplay experiences. During the evening, he rocks at Altered Stage, where he’s been a member since 2013. Did we mention he’s also a Superdad? We love him dearly. This is his story.

Tom Jackson

Check out this video to learn about Tom and his musical journey with Altered Stage, from playing guitar to playing drums to writing his own music. And, thanks to Altered Stage, his music is now available for the world to hear and enjoy

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