by Jen Dama

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

I’m going to sound like a Wicker Park hipster cliché, but I love vinyl and the resurgence of vinyl in this digital generation.

I grew up on cassettes (I still have my Talk Girl), CDs, and then finally digital downloads (yeah, they were always legal downloads. Sure.). For years, vinyl was just what was in the dusty cardboard box sitting idly in my parents’ basement next to a broken record player.

This all changed in college when I had an internship in Hawaii. The Craigslist sublet I found came with two modern-day hippie, free-spirited roommates and a working record player. One rainy afternoon, I gave a few records a spin. The warm rain outside mixed with the warm sound quality of the music inside was a combination made in, well, paradise. Like the Ahi tuna my neighbors brought back from their fishing trip, I was hooked.

When I came back home I convinced my folks to get a new record player. I wasn’t the only next-gen convert to vinyl as we found new music players available that catered to us multi-device users. We ended up going with an affordable Crosley Rochester 5-in-1 (vinyl, cd, cassette, radio and aux port) so we could dig into all of our music collection. But, of course, vinyl stole my heart all over again.

Sunday brunch was often made to the sweet analog sounds Simon and Garfunkel and the Vince Guaraldi Trio immediately became the soundtrack to my Fall.

When I finally made the jump from Michigan to Chicago, I bet you could guess what my housewarming gift was: my very own Crosley 5-in-1.

I got my roommate into vinyl as well and we just spent last weekend getting used and new records from Reckless. Yes, I said new records.

In the time of streaming music, more and more artists are putting out their music physically on vinyl – often with a code for a digital download, as well. The best of both worlds.

Sunday brunch is still made to the sweet analog sounds of Simon and The ‘Funk, but now with some Leon Bridges sprinkled in. Feel free to come over – just let me know how you like your eggs.

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song
You go ahead, let your hair down.



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