by Cristina Filipescu


Most of us enjoy listening to music every day. It’s relaxing. it improves our mood, mental alertness and even sleep quality.

For many of us, music is not an accessory, it is an essential part of our everyday lives. We are always searching for new music, carefully curating Spotify playlists for every mood and situation in our lives, binge watching old concerts by our favorite artists on YouTube, attending concerts online (and counting the days to when we can see and experience live music again). And some of us are learning to play and create our own music.

And here we are, December of 2020, and the holidays are approaching way too fast. In fact, the entire year has been a blur, and I should probably make an angry song about it. Oh, 2020, you’ve got to go! There’s not enough wine in the world to make me forget you ever happened. 😊

So… coming back to my original post about music lovers. What do YOU get the music lover in your life??


Here are my top 10 gift ideas for music lovers – 2020 Edition:

1. An Altered Stage Gift Certificate or a One-Month Membership – What could be better for someone who loves music than to virtually meet (and jam with) other people? A membership with Altered Stage – a social club for recreational musicians – gives you access to everything virtual nowadays: lessons, jams, member collabs, programming, workshops, and a great community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for music.

2. A vintage band tee – By now, you probably know what their favorite band is so why not get them a t-shirt? Amazon.com has a nice selection of inexpensive band tees, as well as Urban Outfitters. A lot of bands also sell merch on their websites. 

3. Major scale musical wine glasses – because why not play a tune while enjoying their favorite glass of wine? Uncommon Goods has this really cool set of two.

4. A personalized guitar pick or a pair of drumsticks – for the guitarist or drummer in your life.

5. Music-inspired Wall Art – plenty to choose from on etsy.com.

6. For the Vinyl lovers that can’t get enough of the warm sound of vinyl, a Turntable makes the perfect gift – I gotta be honest here, I know nothing about turntables, but I usually do a lot of research before I buy something so here you go – I found this helpful article an techradar.com: Best Turntables 2020: the best record players for any budget. Most of these devices come with modern designs and smart features, such as Bluetooth compatibility and USB ports.

7. A Portable Wireless Speaker UE BOOM 3 or MEGABOOM 3The waterproof cylinder comes in multiple colors; it can last 15 hours between charges, and it gives you 100 feet of Bluetooth range. On top of all that, it has a two-year warranty. Sonos Move is another great option for your home and patio. Sonos speakers connect to nearly every streaming service, and they work with Google Assistant or Alexa. They also sound amazing by every measure. The Move is primarily a wireless speaker that streams over your Wi-Fi network, but it also functions as a Bluetooth speaker when you take it outside or anywhere away from Wi-Fi. It gives 11 hours of battery life, plus it’s splash-resistant. It also has a charging dock for when the outside fun is over.

8. For the Rocker/Chef in your house, may I suggest a book called Dark Side of The Spoon: The Rock Cookbook ? It features 30 recipes inspired by famous artists and includes Smashing Pumpkin Pie and Fleetwood Mac & Cheese, just to name a few.

9. A music quiz gameHost the ultimate music quiz from the comfort of your own home with Talking Tables Music Quiz Game. With 200 challenging questions on all things music related this game is sure to test your music trivia knowledge!

10. If you’re feeling generous – buy a guitar! Choose from these babies: Baby no. 1 if you like the music lover in your life or Baby no. 2 if you REALLY like the music lover in your life! 😊


I hope these gift ideas help make your life easier this time of the year. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays! Cheers to a better 2021! 

Love, C.

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