An Update From Our Founder Jeff Bergau

To Our Altered Stage Family


As we settle in for at least another month at home, I wanted to take a minute to thank our instructors, our members, and our community of Altered Stage friends for your continued support. We created the club to unite people through their love of music. While the world is living in separation, we’ve become even closer in many ways.

You have been amazing throughout all of this. I’ve gotten several emails thanking me for helping to keep some connectivity to the world and to people who share a passion for music. I sincerely appreciate the kind words, but I honestly can’t take credit. The real thanks goes to the team. The speed at which they brought the essence of the club – bringing people together – online with quality programming deserves magnitudes of thanks. I know I’ll carry my gratitude toward Jason, Nick, Cristina, Bree, Jerry, Vinny, and Chris Medici forever.


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