A Private Club For Recreational Musicians Of All Skill Levels

Bass, drums, guitar, and keyboard lessons. Start your musical journey today!

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It’s more than just music lessons.

It’s a journey tailored to your musical aspirations. Through personalized music instruction and programming, we can make music part of your everyday life.

We’re uniting Chicago’s recreational musicians by providing a unique and perpetual experience that takes instruction to a whole new level. Altered Stage is a great place to plug in and crank it up. A place to meet new friends, share a drink and live music everyday.

Member Spotlight

Meet Jennifer Dama

Do you want to learn to play music but think it’s too late to start or don’t know how to start? Playing music is not about how old you are when you start out. It’s about passion, creativity and having fun. We are always inspired by the passion and motivation of our members. Here’s a story about Jennifer, one of our members, and her musical journey with Altered Stage.

This is how we live music everyday

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