by Dave Agee

Tunes #9-12 have been added to the playlist!  Check ’em out!

I’ll be assembling weekly Spotify playlists for the drummers (and friends of drummers!) who are looking for some material-specific direction in their practice.  Feel free to use these tracks to supplement your own practice goals – here are things to look for in each track…

9. Runnin’ Round – Marvin Pontiac

Sweet spot of a track.  The chorus riff has a great example of syncopated ghost note ideas for the snare drum – for those looking to expand your comping vocab in a natural, groovy way… let these patterns sink in.

10. (Funny) Bone – CHIC

Stop what you’re doing right now and give this track about 10 listens on repeat.  Talk about a super fun, basic groove that never gets old or sounds tired.  Wow.  Lots of drums hookups with the guitar pattern and dig that bass line!

Couple ideas to lay on ya: play the 16ths (slightly swung) on your lap throughout the entire track – then play those 16ths on the hi hat – then transition to hi hat and snare combo – then finally add the kick on all quarters… the groove is built on the hands and the understanding of that slight lilt in the 16ths.

“The whole world’s a circus… don’t you be the clown!”

11. Into The Fire – Sarah McLachlin

16th hands again… but just a touch more swung than the CHIC tune in the #2 slot.  I chose this tune due to the two variations in the verse groove… instead of just beats 2 + 4 on the snare, watch out for the additional “a of 1” and “a of 3”.  Both hands will move to the snare in tandem.  The tempo is a little brisk – perhaps start a few clicks slower to get your hands speaking the language.

12. Immigration Man – Graham Nash & David Crosby

Open hat concepts galore and every fill is worthy of transcribing.  Wonderful classic rock fills throughout – incredibly logical playing.  Spend some time with each 4 bar phrase and do your best to get inside the feel/phrasing of each fill.  I’ll play through some examples and upload them to the Youtube playlist for your shedding delight!

We’ll chat more about these tunes and break them down during the Drums Conversations and Q+A on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.  See you then!

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