by Aubrey Aikens

Last week, I gave my first ever masterclass about communicating emotional depth through singing and live music and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. We discussed the art of having confidence in front of people and honestly, I’ve only scratched the surface on the subject.

I have spent the better part of a decade working on mastering the art of performance, and although I’ve always been drawn to stage, I can admit that it’s not always been easy. To emotionally bare all in front of people is extremely stressful, raw and revealing. But that’s the point of this, isn’t it? The appeal of attending performances is that we get to experience the vulnerability of the artist so that we can live vicariously through their bravery. We dream of one day, also being the rock star who stands in the center of lights and smoke.

To have good stage presence is not only about how you connect to the audience, but also how well you understand yourself in order to amplify the expression of more complex ideas. It is a challenge to be in the spotlight, but with the right amount of determination (and perhaps a slight addiction to adrenaline), there’s no reason why you cannot channel a little of that Mick Jagger flair while on stage!

Of course, it is not a skill limited to the musical world, but also applicable across a wide breadth of fields. Apply it to your next board meeting, job interview or a idea pitch! Fostering a strong stage presence that clearly conveys your narrative can maximize your chance at inspiring confidence in many situations: for example in leading a small group of colleagues on a new project or even encouraging potential investors to believe in your entrepreneurial vision.   

Thank you to Altered Stage for providing me with a space to speak and an audience who listened. I look forward to continuing this discussion in the future!

Performance & Stage Presence Workshop at Altered Stage

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