by Chris Medici

I’m grateful to my brothers for many things, one of which is their musical taste. Being the youngest brother, I would often hear whatever albums they had – a diverse range of artists and genres for sure. On any given day, depending on who was home, I would hear The Allman Brothers, Chicago, Bowie, or Sly and the Family Stone. One artist and one album, however, stood out from the rest: The Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

September 26, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of this seminal release – a veritable Rubik’s cube of sounds, styles and themes. Among Beatles fans, there has been a long and highly charged debate about which album is truly the last Beatles album. “Abbey Road” was recorded after virtually all of the “Let it Be” tracks; yet, it was released before “Let it Be.” In fact, the “Let it Be” sessions were so awful because of the tension amongst the members, they were motivated to “come together” for the “Abbey Road” sessions. In my heart, I consider Abbey Road to be their last – and one of their best – recordings. 

The album is a treasure trove of ideas – some more complete than others, which explains the medley of songs on Side 2 of the album. It also contains my favorite George Harrison tune: “Something” – a song so good that both Elvis and Frank Sinatra sang the song during their concerts. And, the album contains a song that not only is one of my favorite Beatles tunes but also expresses my life philosophy. “The End” is the next to last song and has one simple set of lyrics: 

“And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

So, on the occasion of the golden anniversary of “Abbey Road,” I want to say thank you to The Beatles, including their producer George Martin (the so-called fifth Beatle) for creating this incredible musical experience and to my brothers for starting me on this journey with and to Abbey Road. 


Abbey Road
My Journey Began at Abbey Road
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