Corporate Rockers Band Together


— Chicago’s Only Private Club For Non-Professional Musicians Launches Corporate Wellness Benefit and Team-Building Programs —

CHICAGO (January 22, 2018) — It’s been said that “the company that plays together, stays together.” In fact, there is a great deal of research that demonstrates the benefits of employee wellness programs for organizations and the impact of music instruction on individuals. Altered Stage is the place where the two come together.

Altered Stage, Chicago’s only private club for recreational musicians, offers guitar, drum, bass, voice, and keyboard lessons to adults; yet, Altered Stage is more than just music lessons. It’s a journey tailored to each member’s musical aspirations. It’s a dynamic community of people who love music and want to learn and play with others. By day, Altered Stage members are commodity traders, insurance executives, financial and tech wizards, consultants, and business owners, among other things. In their spare time they’re rock stars who share their love of making music with other likeminded business executives.

In response to feedback from its member base, Altered Stage has created personal and professional development experiences for Chicago’s business community. If a company has a staff of business “rock stars” that are looking for a creative outlet, the company can give it to them by becoming a corporate member. This provides employees with access to a fully equipped space (instruments and amps), music lessons, jams, gigs and everything a regular membership offers, but at a group discount. Becoming a corporate member is a unique way an organization can promote corporate wellness within their employee base and create an environment for building stronger workplace relationships. Altered Stage prorates membership fees for organizations based upon the number of employees who participate in the program.

“Providing Altered Stage memberships as a corporate wellness benefit is one of the best things we’ve done for our employees,” says Kris Helenek, chief technology officer and co-founder of Rocketmiles. “Working together to play, write, and perform music through Altered Stage is a proven, daily stress-reliever and has brought us closer together as a team.”

“We’ve received significant positive feedback from our employees who’ve taken advantage of Altered Stage as an employee benefit,” said Steve Johnson, managing partner of CG Life, a marketing agency focused on life sciences and healthcare. “While we’re engrained in bringing science to life, music has always been part of our corporate culture. Enabling our employees to learn and play music together has been a huge success for us and we believe has encouraged enhanced creativity throughout our organization.”

Altered Stage also launched the ultimate corporate team-building experience. In business, a company cannot be effective without a coordinated effort from all functions. There are few better analogs to that reality than playing music in a band. To make this connection, Altered Stage has created individualized corporate team-building programs that range from single-day sessions to a three-month program — an entirely new take on team-building by teaching a group of colleagues how to play a song, even if no one has ever played an instrument before. It’s a program designed to get executives out of their comfort zone and truly work together to accomplish a tangible musical goal. It’s also a great way to have employees provide entertainment at company holiday parties.

For more information about corporate memberships, team-building sessions or to tour Altered Stage’s unique space, contact Jeff Bergau at jeff.bergau@alteredtsage.com or 312-953-ROCK (7625).

About Altered Stage

Located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Altered Stage is the world’s only private club for recreational musicians of all skill levels — from absolute beginner to advanced players. The club offers social memberships as well as guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, and voice lessons to adults. yet, Altered Stage is more than just a place to get music lessons. It’s a dynamic and supportive community of people who love music and want to learn and play with others. It’s a journey tailored to each member’s musical aspirations. Visit alteredstage.com or call 312-953-ROCK (7625) for more information.

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