Celebration Day Indeed

Whoa. It seems a little surreal, but it’s time to rock! After three months in our sheds at home, we’re opening the studio today for lessons, practice, and jam sessions. Physically distanced but socially together, we’ve created an environment that enables bands to play together again and take lessons live. An environment where you can come in and practice again. Drummers and neighbors rejoice!

Have a look at the post here that outlines the protocols we’ve put into place to keep everyone safe. In addition to what we’ve all learned about safety over the past twelve weeks or so, the studio setup and plan to safely get people in and out should make it as seamless as possible. That said, please forgive us as we work out the kinks over the coming weeks, and feel free to let Jason, Chris Medici, or me know if you have any suggestions along the way. You will need to book time online through our Pike 13 software system. To book a room, go to your dashboard and pick the room you want. You’ll be able to book it if it’s available. If you’re looking for a jam, you’ll be able to book your band during jam/rehearsal hours. If you have any questions or need help, text or call Jason and he’ll help you out.

Our instructor hours are:

Mon – Bree 11-7
Tues – Jason 11-7
Wed – Vinny 11-7
Thursday – Jerry 11-7
Friday – Closed
Sat – Nick 12-6

If you’re in a band, expect to hear from Jason, Nick, Bree, Jerry, or Vinny. They’ll reach out to you help you keep growing in music with your bandmates.  If you’re not in a band and would like to be, reach out to Jason and he’ll hook you up. While there may not be many traditional gig opportunities on the horizon, we’re getting creative to score some live performance opportunities, including our planned Sunday Stage live streaming performances.

As promised, we’ll continue our scheduled online programming and Zoom lessons in addition to our in-person activities from here on out. We think it will be a nice balance of in-studio and at-home experiences. Thank you from my soul Bree, Nick, Jerry, Jason, Chris, Cristina, Dave, and Vinny for your creativity and hard work to provide musical connectivity and a taste of normalcy (what is that now anyway?) over the past three months.

And thank you everyone for the incredible support you’ve shown our community. Crazy times, man, and I feel so very blessed for our Altered Stage family. Onward together.

With love and in music,


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An Update From Our Founder Jeff Bergau

To Our Altered Stage Family


As we settle in for at least another month at home, I wanted to take a minute to thank our instructors, our members, and our community of Altered Stage friends for your continued support. We created the club to unite people through their love of music. While the world is living in separation, we’ve become even closer in many ways.

You have been amazing throughout all of this. I’ve gotten several emails thanking me for helping to keep some connectivity to the world and to people who share a passion for music. I sincerely appreciate the kind words, but I honestly can’t take credit. The real thanks goes to the team. The speed at which they brought the essence of the club – bringing people together – online with quality programming deserves magnitudes of thanks. I know I’ll carry my gratitude toward Jason, Nick, Cristina, Bree, Jerry, Vinny, and Chris Medici forever.


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Corporate Rockers Band Together


— Chicago’s Only Private Club For Non-Professional Musicians Launches Corporate Wellness Benefit and Team-Building Programs —

CHICAGO (January 22, 2018) — It’s been said that “the company that plays together, stays together.” In fact, there is a great deal of research that demonstrates the benefits of employee wellness programs for organizations and the impact of music instruction on individuals. Altered Stage is the place where the two come together.

Altered Stage, Chicago’s only private club for recreational musicians, offers guitar, drum, bass, voice, and keyboard lessons to adults; yet, Altered Stage is more than just music lessons. It’s a journey tailored to each member’s musical aspirations. It’s a dynamic community of people who love music and want to learn and play with others. By day, Altered Stage members are commodity traders, insurance executives, financial and tech wizards, consultants, and business owners, among other things. In their spare time they’re rock stars who share their love of making music with other likeminded business executives.


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