Opera Outing

by Aubrey Aikens

Opera has historically been associated with aggressively voluptuous women in Viking helmets and breast plates, screaming to the high heavens in languages such as German or Italian about provocative topics and then dying in an overly dramatic, unrealistic fashion.

How passé.

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Finding Rodriguez

Most of you don’t know this but Jeff Bergau, founder of Altered Stage and a dear friend of mine, is the reason why I started playing the bass. He is so passionate when he talks about music, not to mention he is also an incredible bass player. “Why don’t you take a lesson?” – he asked me when I said I don’t play an instrument. Now I steal songs from him when we play at Reggies. 🙂

In one of our recent conversations about music an artist came up: Rodriguez. I had no idea who he was, had not heard any of his songs until Jeff said to me: “Check out this documentary – Searching for Sugar Man – it’s one of the craziest, most inspirational things I’ve ever watched”.

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Theory Thursday

Whole Steps and Half Steps
By Jason Steele

Welcome to another Theory Thursday!

Next we are going to make some simple observations as to how all of these notes relate to one another. Understanding this will allow you to be able to locate the 12 different notes on your guitar. We are still sticking with the piano for now, but we will dive into the guitar in just a bit.

We can relate each of the notes to one another based on how far apart they are from each other. The two basic units of measure for this are half steps (represented by a “H” symbol) and whole steps (represented by a “W” symbol).

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